Several Fundholders at SCF have established grant programs to make grants to qualified nonprofits whose missions and activities match their philanthropic interests. These programs include competitive and noncompetive grant awards, and span different program interest areas, including arts and culture, education, health and social services, the environment, veterans, senior services, and community development.  Please click on the fund names shown to the right and browse their fund page to learn about current programs.

A few programs offer flexibility to address a specific area of interest and rely on the Foundation's expertise to effectively meet the needs of Solano County.

If you feel that your program matches the interests of any of our Funds listed, we ask that you do not try to contact the Fundholder directly.  Instead, please call the Foundation at 707-399-3846 or send an email to, and we will gather your information and forward it through appropriate channels.


To view and access both the Endowed and Non-Endowed Fund Lists, click HERE.

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