Solano Community is now a Funding Information Network partner of the Foundation Center, formerly known as Cooperating Collections network.  SCF has been a network partner since March 2006.  The purpose of the Funding Information Network and network partners is to offer grantseeking and fundraising information, and access to Foundation Center resources that will strengthen their communities.

The Foundation Center team is looking forward to another successful year of continued service to the nonprofit community. There are 450+ dedicated FIN partners located across the United States and abroad. The Manager of the Funding Information Network is Kate Tkacik.

Funding Information Network partners can be found in all 50 U.S. states and in multiple countries worldwide. Network partners serve nonprofits by providing funding information about grantmakers, offering training and programs related to fundraising and nonprofit management, and actively reaching out to underserved organizations within their community to connect them to these key resources. Network partners also provide resources for artists and students.

Click on the Funding Information Network brochure to learn more about the program.

Click on the Foundation Center logo to view the gateway page with information about all Foundation Center databases, and other Foundation Center resources.


Foundation Center Resources

Click HERE to access all three Foundation Center databases, and other valuable online grantseeking and fundraising resources.

Foundation Directory Online

Click HERE to learn more about the Foundation Directory Online, a Funding Information Network online resource.  FDO is available and free to use at SCF!

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