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Philanthropy isn't what it used to be. Since 2000, the field of charitable giving has changed profoundly. During this time, a network of organizations with several decades of experience has come of age, engineering many of the recent developments in the field of giving. These organizations are called community foundations and they are playing an increasing prominent role in the relationship between professional advisors and their clients, especially in California.

We often hear professional advisors say that their clients are interested in establishing a private foundation. Instead of setting up their own foundation, consideration should be given to the many advantages of establishing a fund at the Solano Community Foundation Please browse our "Advisors Tools & Resources" webpage for helpful tools and ideas useful for you and your clients.

Community foundations are nonprofit organizations established to meet the current and future needs of our local communities. We are also a trusted and valuable resource to individuals, families and their professional advisors.There are over 750 community foundations in the United States. They make up one of the fastest growing sectors of philanthropy in the nation today. Collectively, they hold almost $50 billion in assets and make over $4 billion annually in local grants. Last year they received an estimated $4.0 billion in gifts - including real estate, closely held stock and artwork. Community foundations range in asset size from $4.2 billion to some with $100,000 or less.

Advisor Resources & Partnering with SCF

We are always eager and available to assist Professional Advisors to help clients who are considering charitable contributions. Use our  PDF printable tools and ideas for advisors to use when discussing philanthropy with clients. SCF Board members who are also professional advisors, can make themselves available to provide one-on-one answers to questions you or your clients may have about SCF and the advantages of partnering with us. If you wish to arrange a meeting with a Board member, please call the Foundation at 707-399-3846.
Family members of multi-generations can work with their professional advisor and our professional staff to establish a fund. Donors determine the ongoing uses for their fund, targeting the issues and causes about which they are most passionate. The Solano Community Foundation helps donors receive immediate tax benefits, but also allows and encourages donor involvement by recommending grants made possible by their Fund. Documents provide information about the benefits of partnering with the Foundation.
  • Simplicity. Creating a charitable fund at Solano Community Foundation is the easy, low-cost alternative to forming and administering your own tax-exempt organization.
  • Asset Security. If you are forming your own 501(C)(3) organization, or are awaiting IRS approval of your Form 1023 Application for tax-exempt status, having a charitable fund at the Foundation allows donors to make tax-exempt contributions immediately, and insures asset security.
  • Agency Funds. Nonprofits may establish an “Agency Fund” – a partnership in which the fund assets are held by SCF but are not considered SCF assets. Grants made from the fund can be made to the nonprofit fundholder or any nonprofit.
  • Tax benefits. 100% tax-deductible as no goods or services are provided for the gift. Donors determine the amount they claim as a deduction when filing their own personal or business taxes.
  • Flexibility. We accept a wide variety of gifts - including cash, stocks, real estate, and other assets.
  • Community impact. help you understand community needs, assess local organizations, and can assist you in directing gift dollars to high-impact areas.
  • Stability. We are a professional organization with proven credibility that exceeds national standards of performance for investment practices, donor services, compliance and accountability, and grant making processes
  • You receive personalized service. We work closely with you to develop a giving approach that matches your personal interests. When you establish a charitable fund with us you remain actively involved in recommending grants for your fund. We take care of processing and sending out the grant award check and award letter. You receive a copy of each letter, and a quarterly fund statement with fund activity information.
  • You know who your donors are. “thank you” in the form of a Gift Acknowledgement Letter, and it includes our tax-exempt ID. You get a copy of the letter we send you that you know about the gift, and have their contact information in case you want to send a personal thank you.
  • You help support community leadership. s a fundholder, you are directly supporting the Foundation’s efforts to build capacity for local nonprofits serving their communities. Your fund helps support our ability to develop our grantmaking programs, conduct leadership training, and improve our role as a vehicle for philanthropy in Solano County. We bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and opportunities. Our business is building community.
Donors can help design gift plans that achieve their philanthropic passions, meet diverse economic situations, and maximize their tax deductions. They also can take advantage of briefings on important issues from foundation staff, get advice on particular charities, and become part of a charitable community that increases their effectiveness and impact.
Charitable funds are set up in community foundations by individuals and institutions. They can be established with a wide variety of assets—including cash, real estate, stock, and artwork. Gifts come from living donors and through wills, bequests and other planned gift instruments. In the United States, community foundations hold approximately $49.5 billion in assets. Last year, they received an estimated $5.5 billion in donations from individuals, corporations, government agencies, and other foundations.
Tools For Advisors

Tools and ideas for advisors to use when discussing philanthropy with clients

Ideas For Giving

Family members of multi-generations can work with their professional advisor and our professional staff to establish a fund.