1. Endowments are forever. Your charitable wishes will always be honored and the causes you care most about will be supported in perpetuity. You will establish a permanent grant-making presence in Solano County, creating a named legacy for yourself, a loved one, your business, or in honor of a special occasion.

  2. The principal of your endowed fund will never be used, and thus will continue to grow over time.

  3. Funds placed in SCF’s endowed pool earn higher rates of return because they are invested for the long-term.
    The result is more money available for grant-making from your endowed fund.

  4. An endowed fund cements a lasting relationship between you, your community, and Solano Community Foundation. An agency endowment is still an asset of the nonprofit organization, but with the benefits of permanence, visibility, and lasting goodwill in the community.

  5. Grants made from your fund continue to affect a positive impact on evolving community needs; ensuring your charitable wishes to support your interests will be preserved in perpetuity.

  6. As a donor-advisor, you can choose to have an active or inactive role in decisions regarding in the allocation of grant funds. SCF’s professional staff is eager to assist you in making your philanthropic goals easy to achieve, yet effective.

  7. Establishing your endowed fund, making contributions to it, and making grants from it can be a family affair. Older and younger generations can work together to make ongoing recommendations for the use and charitable purpose of your fund. Inter-generational giving is a powerful force in our local and surrounding communities, and sets an important example of caring and support for others.

  8. A large endowed fund established by a reputable organization or individual helps prove and increases the Foundation’s credibility in the eyes of new donors, potential Board members, and new community partners. Everyone wins when the Foundation flourishes and meets greater needs.

  9. The fees generated from endowed funds held under management helps provide SCF with predictable annual revenue, and guarantees the ongoing support for our grant programs. This knowledge is critical for planning and budgeting, our general operations and especially grants management.

  10. Establishing an endowed fund with SCF is a good investment and serves as a positive force in our community. We are a resource and role-model for nonprofits. We provide capacity building, visibility and governance support for our community partners, made possible by the generous support of our endowed donors.

Please click HERE to view and download "10 Reasons for an Endowment Fund" as a PDF document.

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