The NPP Program was launched in April of 2009. It is supported in part, by annual membership contributions from partnering organizations and individuals.  It is designed to strengthen, develop and serve Solano County nonprofits by enhancing organization visibility and needs, and assist in their development and capacity-building efforts.

Through workshops and grant opportunities NPP builds community and promotes partnerships with and between our local nonprofits, individual donors, the business sector, community leaders and decision makers.

Visit the NPP Fund page and use the 'Donate' button to pay your member fees.  Partner with SCF and other nonprofit colleagues and build new relationships!


The NPP grant cycle has been postponed.  We anticipate opening the cycle in January 2022.

Funding will be awarded on a competitive basis to selected organizations to support nonprofit capacity-building projects.  The focus will be to make small grants ($2,500 to $7,500) in support of community-based collaborative efforts meant to sustain the delivery of programs and services to those individuals and families most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note:  the application form and instructions will be available here in early October to download.

According to a report published by ASR entitled Foundation Giving Solano County and the Bay Area (2018 Update), our County’s per capita funding increased between 2012 and 2016 from an abysmal $3 to just $6 in foundation grants. Solano County is the most underserved and under-resourced community in the nine-county Bay Area region.  Solano also has the highest rate of family poverty (9%) across the Bay Area, yet has fewer nonprofits headquartered in the county to provide services. 

In 2018 Solano County hired Learning for Action, a San Francisco-based consultancy firm, to conduct a nonprofit assessment.  The results indicated that the greatest deficit for the 52 nonprofits was ‘Revenue Generation’ - most respondents scored at the ‘poor to non-existent’ level.  Further, most nonprofits indicated they simply lack the capacity to secure and manage sustainable funding.


Membership is open to everyone; nonprofit organizations, businesses and corporations, government entities, and individuals.  Each Program membership costs $75 per calendar year.  NPP workshops are only open to NPP members.  Larger organizations may wish to obtain more than one membership as each membership allows for the reservation of two seats at any or all NPP workshops offered.  Please call the Foundation if you have questions about joining NPP or about paying the membership fee. 

Follow these steps to become a member:

  • Download and save a copy of the NPP Membership Form. Provide your contact information by typing directly on the form. You may also print the form and provide handwritten information (but please do so legibly).
  • Make your check payable to Solano Community Foundation, or click here to access the NPP Fund page and make your online payment through PayPal (you  do not need a PayPal account). 
  • Regardless of the payment method you use, please return your completed NPP membership form to SCF via regular mail or hand-deliver it to Solano Community Foundation, 744 Empire Street, Suite 240, Fairfield, CA  94533.  Or, submit your form to SCFthankyou@solanocf.org.


Solano Community Foundation offers free workshops to Nonprofit Partnership Program members as a benefit of joining NPP.  The topics selected are of interest to nonprofit organization staff, leaders, and interested community partners. 

Workshops are facilitated by experienced and qualified trainers and presenters who share their knowledge and skills with attendees and encourage them to participate. Content presented and materials provided are focused on current "best practices" related to organization development and capacity building, i.e., improving the performance and success of a nonprofit in delivering their programs and services.


All in-person workshops and trainings have been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Until Solano County can safely resume large group meetings, SCF will offer several virtual trainings via Zoom video conferencing during the year.  Announcements and invites to attend will be made as trainings are scheduled.



Click on this link to view our Current NPP Membership List.

Click on the brochure image below to access the NPP membership form!




All grant recipients are required to submit a Grantee Final Report.  A Media Release Form must be signed and included with the submission of photos.


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