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The Constitution Education Project Fund was established with the primary purpose of supporting projects and providing opportunities for the youth of Solano County to expand their understanding of our country’s Founding Documents, and rewarding their ability to articulate and communicate those ideals and principles.

The premise of the Constitution Essay Contest is simple. “If Liberty and Freedom are to endure in our country, it is imperative that our young people have an understanding of our Founding Documents and are able to articulate and communicate those ideals and principles.”

The Contest originated in Solano County in 2012 to recognize the accomplishments of schools and teachers who create learning environments wherein their students are encouraged to engage in critical thinking, and then be able to effectively communicate their understanding and ideas. Over the past eleven years the contest has grown from a modest 35 entries submitted the first year, to over 300 essays received in the year 2015. Thus far, a total of over 1,700 entries have been submitted and over $12,700.00 in cash and mini-grants have been awarded.

The hope for 2023 is to encourage even more student entries and greater school participation. The 2023 Constitution Essay Contest will award a 'Grand Prize' $700 Mini-Grant for the best essay from students grades 10-12. A $100 'Best of School Award' will be awarded to one student from EVERY SCHOOL in the County which submits 30 or more entries. Additionally, 'Founders’ Choice' Awards of $50 each as Mini-grants, will also be awarded as merited.

All students attending public, private, and home schools in Solano County, in grades 10-12, are eligible and invited to participate in this annual contest. Note: homeschoolers must be affiliated with a 501(c)(3) organization. The rules for submitting a written essay expressing an understanding of the Founding Documents and Principles are stated in the Contest Entry Form – Topic & Rules and Resources (found below).

Constitution Literacy Advocates sponsor this annual contest. For more information about the Contest, visit Celebrate Our Constitution Website.

Click on the links shown below to view and download Contest materials.

Tax Deductable Donations can be made online any time to the CEPF fund by clicking the “DONATE” button in the upper left-hand corner of this page. Contributions may also be made by check payable to SCF, with Constitution Education Project Fund in the memo line, and mailed to the Foundation.


May 11, 2015

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