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2022 Justice Inequity & Disparity Reduction Grants

Many thanks to all of the organizations who participated in our last LOI/grant application cycle for the Solano Social Justice & Equity Fund. We appreciate the meaningful work that each of you do for the residents of our diverse communities. SCF awarded a $15,000 grant to 10 organizations for a total of $150,000. Congratulations to all of our grant recipients!

GRANTEE FINAL REPORT FORM. This is a required report for all grantees who received funding in September 2022. Use this link: 2022 Justice Inequity & Disparity Reduction Grantee Final Report to complete your report online (Google Forms) on or before September 30, 2023. Failure to submit your report, which you agreed to when you signed your Grant Acceptance Form will make your organization ineligible to receive further funding from SCF.

FUND BACKGROUND. Standing in solidarity with communities of color in Solano County, SCF launched this fund in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests of June 2020.  This fund's purpose is to help build resources for community healing, working toward positive change for under-served and under-resourced communities of color.  Please consider making a donation to this fund to help address and resolve socio-economic disparities after years of underinvestment in our communities.  We envision a Solano where equity and social justice are woven into the fabric of our communities. 

"The time for action is now; we must address and begin resolving the disparities and inequities for people of color in Solano County.  We have to act unrelentlessly against social injustice and inequality to close the gaps in access to resources and improve the quality of life now, and for future generations.” - C. Harris, CEO


Jun 03, 2020

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