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The purpose of this fund is to provide access to food, hygiene, medical care and mental health services to homeless people in Vacaville California.  The grant cycle for this fund is not yet open to entertain requests.

When available, grants made from this fund will support outreach and direct aid to Vacaville’s homeless population. This Fund will focus on improving racial and ethnic equity in populations served, and in the choice of organizations receiving a grant. Written final and interim Grantee Reports are required for all monies disbursed; all submissions shall include the following information regarding philanthropic outcomes and goals:

  • The number of homeless people who were provided meals, showers, medical care and mental health counseling and treatment as a direct result of the grant received.
  • Whether services (and or supplies) provided by the grant monies were brought to the homeless people where they are (their physical location), or if services (and or supplies) were provided by transporting the homeless people to non-mobile services.


Jul 15, 2022

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Human & Social Services