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In April 2007The Anderson Trust assets of $2.33M, along with trusteeship was transferred to the Solano Community Foundation.  At the time the Leslie Anderson and Virginia May Anderson Fund was established, it became the largest fund to be held by the Foundation.

But the sheer size of this gift is not the only factor that made it so special.  The Anderson legacy actually dates back to 1969, when Mr. and Mrs. Anderson created a charitable trust in their estate plan.  Leslie, a decorated World War I veteran, and Virginia, his bride had no heirs.  They did have a great affection for the youth of their community, and for Solano County.  Upon Virginia's death in 1989, the Leslie Anderson and Virginia May Anderson Trust was endowed with nearly $500,000.  For 18 years, a local and highly respected trustee and distribution committee fulfilled the couple's legacy by making annual grants to support youth programs. Since 1989, the Fund has disbursed more than $2.5 million in grants.  

Even after meeting all grant disbursement obligations, the Anderson Trust continued to   grow. All the while, the youth of Solano County continued to benefit from the generosity of this forward-thinking, community-minded couple.   This is the real meaning of legacy. Each year, four designated grantees received a generous grant to support specific projects and needs.  These awards are, and forever will be made in memory of named Anderson relatives. 

The original Trust also requires the trustee to place flowers on the Anderson's graves and those of nine other family members and close friends on Easter Day, Memorial Day, and Christmas Day. A representative of Solano Community Foundation makes a trip to the Fairfield and Rockville cemeteries on these three holidays to respectfully and gratefully lay fresh flower bouquets on their graves, and the graves of those memorialized - a tradition that will carry on in perpetuity.  

Stephanie Wolf, previous Foundation CEO is pictured placing bouquets on Leslie's and Virginia May's graves.



Apr 06, 2007

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