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Established: Oct 13, 2017

The wildfire season has already begun, setting areas in both Suisun and northern Solano County ablaze.  To help meet the needs of those impacted, SCF has opened the 2020 grant cycle and is accepting grant applications from qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving Solano residents.  The deadline for submitting requests is December 31, 2020. 

The Solano Disaster Relief Fund was established to support recovery and rebuilding efforts. After the initial frenzy, chaos, and loss caused by devastating disaster passes, the relief and recovery stages begin.  Grants from this Fund will help nonprofits provide direct services and financial assistance to individuals and families.  SCF is not able to support individuals with cash grants.

Visit the website, RESPONSE.CA.GOV - it combines emergency response, recovery and resilience information into a single place for easy access by users. It is a one-stop portal that includes local and state resources, health services, shelters and housing, preparedness information, and more. 

Solano Community Foundation, through the Solano Disaster Relief Fund, aims to help address the mid- to long-term needs of the communities we serve affected by natural disasters. We make grants and support rebuilding efforts, supporting nonprofits who provide direct assistance to those fire victims who are directly impacted.

Solano Disaster Relief Fund grants will focus on helping those organizations who are working to provide relief and recovery services to Solano County residents.  Funding is available to provide emergency medical care, counseling, temporary shelter, and for food and meals for the individuals and families affected by the fires.

To begin the application process, first read the SDRF Eligibility & Application Instructions document. Then, complete the SDRF Grant Application Form.  

  • Small grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded to help support relief projects that are short- term, meet the most urgent basic needs of victims, and are time sensitive (food, clothing, temporary shelter).
  • Larger grants (up to $7,500) are available to support intermediate and long-term, more complex recovery programs (e.g., employment development or training, healthcare, transportation). 

     SDRF Eligibility & Application Instructions

     SDRF Grant Application Form

     SCF Grantee Final Report Form

     SCF Media Release Form


SCF continues to encourage donors to make donations to the Solano Disaster Relief Fund on a year-round basis.  Our communities need your support to help in the relief and recovery efforts.

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